Sunset Cliffs – Marine Corps Ball Shoot {My Photography}

Last time I shot at Sunset Cliffs my models were actually going to the ball after, and with her 5″ stilettos she wasn’t too interested in doing any exploring or hiking. I decided I wanted to shoot there again, but with a couple that didn’t mind hiking down to the water. They decided to wear their formals, but since they agreed before hand to hike down to the water with me, I didn’t feel bad when they got a little wet lol.

Turns out they were not the easiest couple to shoot, very silly. I’m actually surprised I got so many good shot!

ImageImageI found the below composition on Pinterest and felt that Sunset Cliffs was the ideal location to replicate it. I love that it highlights the natural landscape.

ImageIMG_5347edit2My main reason for wanting to shoot at Sunset Cliffs again was to finally get to practice shooting sunset silhouettes. The sunset wasn’t as impressive as it had been for the last few weeks (of course, on the day I shoot it kinda sucks lol), but it was better than the sunset last time I was there. I need to work on it a little more to get the people in full silhouette, but I’m happy with how the composition turned out!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

I missed last week, but here is this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge. The prompt is “color”, and one of the suggestions is to share a photo that you edited. I immediately knew what photo I wanted to share because I have been having a hard time deciding if I like it better in color or b&w!

I love photography, and I consider myself an amateur photographer. I have a good DSLR camera and editing software, but I’ve never taken a class other than an “Introduction to Photographer” class that lasted for 4 hours. I am mostly self taught from blogs online and practice with my friends and family.

I don’t charge people and I don’t consider myself a professional photographer by any means!

My friend had a baby last week and asked me to do newborn photos for her. I was so excited because I have only ever done couples. So I scoured Pinterest for inspiration and tips for newborn photography. I found a beautiful military inspired newborn shoot and decided to do my best to duplicate one of the photos.

Here is the result! Mom & Dad loved it 🙂 But I have yet to decide which edit I like better, color or b&w.

What’s ya’lls vote?



“I’m a Marine, not a Soldier”

I’ve seen this a lot in the military community, spouses and service members getting mad when they are called a Solider instead of a Marine, Airman or Sailor.

For me personally, I think this is a silly thing to get upset about.

Before I met my husband I had no idea the were different titles for the branches of the service, and I certainly couldn’t tell them apart if I did see someone in uniform (to be honest, I still mix up the Air Force and Army camouflage lol).

So when somebody calles a Marine a Soldier, I feel that they aren’t doing it on purpose to be insulting, they are just ignorant. So I see no needs to get upset about it.

I know some Marines feel like they worked hard to earn the title of Marine, and therefore they have the right to correct people and cope an attitude. But I still don’t think it’s necessary.

Jeremy will correct people sometimes, but never in a rude way, and only with friends and family.

If a random stranger makes an effort to thank him for his service or something, he isn’t going to correct them and say, “actually, I’m a Marine”. Just take the compliment with a smile and appreciate the thought behind it.

Has anybody else experienced this? Does your spouse correct people and get annoyed when they are called by the wrong title?