Babies and Career Military

Jeremy and I have been talking more and more about starting our family.

He says he wants to wait 5 more years (we are both 24), but other times he will make jokes about us getting pregnant sooner than that. The more he brings it up, the more I get the feeling that it isn’t as scary of an idea as it used to be for him.

Yesterday, after he joked about giving me a baby if he can get a new Jeep (lol), we had a serious conversation about his future in the Marine Corps.

He is currently in his second enlistment and has 2 1/2 years left on his contract. We had planned on him getting out at that time since he isn’t very happy with his new command and the people he works with. But yesterday he was talking about all the other options there are in the military for him, from doing recruiting, applying for Warrant Officer or MECEP and getting his college degree. He loves mentoring his junior Marine, and I agree with him that he would make a great officer.

I thought that I would have some negative feelings about him thinking about making the military career, since I was so excited about getting out and being a civilian.

But I was kind of excited about everything he was talking about, because he was so excited about it! In the end, I just want my husband to enjoy his career, regardless of if that is a civilian or military career.

This all connects back to babies because I think if he decided to stay in, we would start trying in a year or two (OMG!). The whole reason we’ve been on this 5 year plan is because if he does get out I want him to have the change to go to college, and if we had a baby I know he would want to start working right away to support us and would not go to college.

It’s a little weird to switch my mindset and think of myself as a career military wife. That this will be my life for the next 15+ years. And it’s very weird to think of us having a baby in two years!!! I’m scared, but also very excited. I feel like once I hit 24 my hormones kicked in and now I have baby fever all the time.

But I think we would make it work in the military. In fact, I think we would flourish. I want to be a social worker for the military or the VA, which would be much easier if we were always near a military base. I handle the separations well, and while I don’t look forward to more deployments, I know we can make it through them without a problem.

I would miss getting to settle down and build a house, but I also think it would be fun to see more of the country and get to live in other states.

I guess it comes down to the fact that I am okay with either option, which is what I told my husband last night. I want him to enjoy his career, no matter what that is. I love what I do for a living, and I want him to have that experience too.

So I guess we will see how we feel in 2 1/2 years! Maybe we will end up in WI building our forever home, or perhaps I will be pregnant and moving to North Carolina/Virginia/Japan/etc. 🙂


Jeremy’s reenlistment – Nov 2011