Ready for Civilian Life

Jeremy and I started talking about life post-militay tonight. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about it.

When we got married I was completely fine with him being career military or getting out after his contract was up. When he decided to reenlist the first time I was leaning more toward reenlistment because it would mean a steady income while I finished graduate school, but I was open either way.

While his choice to stay in or get out is a joint decision, I’ve always left it in his hands. Yes, as a married couple his choices do affect me and we make all decision together, but I’ve always viewed it as his career. He is the one who has to go to work for the Marine Corps every day, not me. So I was never going to put any pressure either way.

Now he is 100% set on getting out in 3 years when his contract is up and I am thrilled.

I love the military, and it has given Jeremy and I so much over the last 6 years, but it also takes a lot of sacrifice. I am ready for all the things that military life has prevented us from enjoying.

I’m ready to buy a house in Wisconsin, settle down and not have to worry about moving unless we choose to.

I am ready for my husband to be home with me every night and not have to worry about having to say “good bye” ever again.

I am ready to be able to plan our future! To buy plane tickets more than a month in advance and plan vacations that aren’t last minute.

I am ready for Jeremy to get to go to college at University of Wisconsin and have a career that he loves

I am ready to get a job and be able to start my career and move up the ladder without having to worry about PCS orders and having to quit

I am ready to have babies! (not really something the military is preventing, just our personal choice to achieve all the goals stated above before we have children)

I am ready to be the wife of a veteran and not the wife of a Marine.

I will miss military life, I am sure. I will miss the sense of community, I will miss the balls, and I will certainly miss the sexy uniforms lol

But I’m ready.

Now I just have to wait 3 more years…lol



5 thoughts on “Ready for Civilian Life

  1. It’s such a dramatic change. There are times I still wish my husband was in the military. Civilian life does have it’s benefits though. I wish you the best of luck. And also, from one military wife to another, thank you for all you and your husband do. I know it’s not easy.

  2. Very eloquently put. I have always had the same attitude towards pushing my husband in his career decisions, and I am sure I will experience these same feelings you express on the bittersweet nature of leaving the military life when we eventually do (many years down the road).

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