Office Sign

Today was a crazy day at work, as are most of my days.

I’ve been working full-time for a little over a month now, but I’ve only been doing my actual job for a week and half, and I’ve only been doing it by myself for the last two days!

I took over this position when the current Case Manager left. She trained me for a week (last week) and starting yesterday I’ve been on my own. My department only has one Case Manager, so everything falls on me.

Today, I started out being overwhelmed and questioning why I decided to go into social work.  I had clients scheduled that day, a ton of paperwork to do (I feel like that is half of my job!) and advocacy/phone calls to make for my active clients. But when I got to work I found out that I instead had to spend an hour on the phone dealing with a difficult and unappreciative caller/client.

By the end of the call I was frustrated and stressed, feeling like I had to solve this woman’s problems and overwhelmed by the amount of work I still had to do that day in addition to helping her (and it was only 10am).

Today when I left work and closed my office door (still having a ton of work to finish tomorrow), I noticed that a new sign had been put up.


I stood and stared at it for a few moments, then took a photo of it. When I posted it on Facebook one of my friends who is about to start her Masters degree said, “after 6 years of college your hard work has finally paid off. I bet that feels amazing to see your name followed by MSW”

And you know what, it does feel amazing. As stressful as my work can be sometimes, I am still incredibly proud of what I do and all that I have accomplished. I am 24 years old and my name is on the wall of a well-known and respected social service agency with the letters MSW after it.

I’ve accomplished one of my dreams, a dream that I have had since high school when I started thinking about my career. I have a career.

Changes: New Job & New Hair

After spending 2 weeks at a miserable temp job, my connections finally paid off and I was offered a full time job in my field!

Since we are PCSing in December I didn’t think anybody would want to hire me, so I was settling with being an overqualified Secretary and trying to just appreciate the fact that at least I had a job and a paycheck.

But last Thursday my old supervisor emailed me and said that she had a temporary position (3 months) open up for a Case Manager position and she wanted me to fill it! I didn’t even have to interview and I got a raise!

I am now a full-time Case Manager working with domestic violence victims! It’s so amazing to be working in my field again and using my degree.

These last 2 weeks that I’ve been working at the City Hall, I realized how important it is to enjoy your career. I am even more grateful that I have the opportunity to work in a field that I love. I hope that I can find a job when we move, I am eager to start my career and settle into a job.

In other news relating to change: I completely changed my hair!

I’ve been told this is the “Michelle Obama” look and is very happing, good to know I’m on trend! lol