Violence is Never Okay…Or Is It?

This photo has been circulating in my newsfeed for the last few days. 


Not only do I find it repulsive, in and of itself, the responses that I’ve seen in the comments from my friends and others, is even more disappointing.

I personally believe that physical violence against another person is never okay (unless it is self-defense). Apparently, I am the only one that believes this based on the comments I’ve seen:

“Good for her!”

“Get him, girl!” 

“I would do the same”

“He cheated, he deserves whatever she dishes out”

“Don’t cheat and shit like this wont happen. Atta Girl.”

I find this issue wrong on so many levels.

First, let’s take it back old school; “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Regardless of the fact that someone hurts you on an emotional level, it does not give anyone the right to psychically abuse someone to “get even” or “give them what they deserve”. 

How is not beating someone now “taking the moral high ground” (as I was informed when I stated that the woman’s actions were wrong). Shouldn’t that be a basic human right; to not get assaulted? 

At what point did it become okay for people to take the “law” (I use the word loosely because technically the man didn’t even break any laws) in to their own hands? To be the judge and jury and decide that another person “deserves” (that word pisses me off to an extreme) to be brutally beat with a golf club. 

Second, can we speak about double standards? If this was a man beating his cheating wife, I think people would more likely be outraged then find it comical. 

As another poster commented on the same issue: “interesting to see how many women think domestic violence is funny”

I bet it wouldn’t be so funny if it was the other way around. 

When did being a “strong woman” come to mean hurting men? 

We may not be able to choose what situation another person puts us in, but we do choose how we handle that situation. What does that say about our society that we are celebrating the choice of violence and revenge? 

*getting off my soap box now….*