About the Blog

What you will find on this blog

  • Posts about deployment and the military. As much as I am not a “moto” wife, Jeremy being in the military influences almost all aspect of my life and therefore it makes frequent blog appearances
  • Major life events, graduation, homecoming, moving, etc.
  • Posts about love, marriage and my husband. I will warn you now, I am blissfully, head-over-heals, in love with my husband; I will be mushy and romantic ❤
  • Posts about my thoughts on life
  • Posts about my work and school
  • My fitness and weight loss struggle
  • My photography hobby
  • Weekly posts:  Throwback Thursday: Our Love Story

What you will not find on this blog

  • Daily updates about my life: today I went to the store, then I came home and cooked dinner (insert picture), etc. I save my food pictures for Instagram and the daily updates for FB lol
  • Crafts: I can sometimes be crafty, but it’s rare
  • Cooking: I’m even worse at cooking then I am at crafts
  • Children: I may post about my thoughts on Jeremy and I having kids someday, but we don’t have them now so I don’t do mommy tips or give child rearing advice.

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