“I’m a Marine, not a Soldier”

I’ve seen this a lot in the military community, spouses and service members getting mad when they are called a Solider instead of a Marine, Airman or Sailor.

For me personally, I think this is a silly thing to get upset about.

Before I met my husband I had no idea the were different titles for the branches of the service, and I certainly couldn’t tell them apart if I did see someone in uniform (to be honest, I still mix up the Air Force and Army camouflage lol).

So when somebody calles a Marine a Soldier, I feel that they aren’t doing it on purpose to be insulting, they are just ignorant. So I see no needs to get upset about it.

I know some Marines feel like they worked hard to earn the title of Marine, and therefore they have the right to correct people and cope an attitude. But I still don’t think it’s necessary.

Jeremy will correct people sometimes, but never in a rude way, and only with friends and family.

If a random stranger makes an effort to thank him for his service or something, he isn’t going to correct them and say, “actually, I’m a Marine”. Just take the compliment with a smile and appreciate the thought behind it.

Has anybody else experienced this? Does your spouse correct people and get annoyed when they are called by the wrong title?


5 thoughts on ““I’m a Marine, not a Soldier”

  1. Being married to a Soldier and having some other branches in the family, I am always aware of what I call each of them. But I agree, it’s nothing to get mad about if somebody doesn’t know. Although I do think they should be politely corrected, otherwise they may be harshly corrected later. I think in general the military community is too hard on civilians about their ignorance. Especially MilSOs when we’re emotional during deployment. Rude is one thing, but stuff like this is just innocent ignorance.

    The other day at work a Major was in my office and called Marines “Soldiers” and immediately corrected himself. He was like, Oh my gosh, I mean Marines, I’m glad there aren’t any around now. Lol! He actually looked a little scared for a second. I said “It’s okay, this is a safe space.” lol!

    • Haha, I think Marines are the worst when it comes to being called soldiers. They have this elitist attitude like they are better than the other beaches. Maybe that’s why I hear it all the time from spouses, because my husband is a Marine and so most of the spouses I know are Marine wives who seem to have inherited their husbands attitude about it.

  2. I recently read somewhere that the general public tends to think that all the military is “the Army”, and that there are different parts of the Army where some people fly, some are in subs, etc. I had NO IDEA that this was a thing, coming from a military family myself. However after reading “the Army” thing, I’ve heard more and more people using that kind of terminology. I agree, it’s an ignorance thing. I feel like with tv shows like “Army Wives” and no counterpart of “Marine Wives”, etc, and older shows like M*A*S*H that only featured the Army, people just assume that it’s all the Army. I have to repress giggles when people call my husband a soldier or, funnier still, a seaman (tehehe). I agree, it’s not really worth correcting unless it’s a close friend or family member, when you are invested in them understanding you/your job. I used to date a guy who won the Olympics a few times. I took him to several family parties, and I was always mortified when relatives got things extremely wrong about the Olympics/his career … but it’s like “the Army” thing – if you’re not personally invested in knowing, then you really don’t know … and it’s okay to not know! πŸ™‚

    • Don’t forget my favorite Marine TV family… Major Dad! I lovingly joke with my husband that I love that show so much that we’re not having kids unitl he’s a Major so he can be Major Dad too!

    • Also, I see the reverse of this sometimes, where people don’t believe the Army has any aircraft or boats because “that’s only the Air Force or Navy” It’s funny how certain people can be about stuff they really know nothing about.

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