My Weight Loss Journey

Well, I guess I can add another item under my list of “what you will find in this blog”…my weight loss journey.Β 

I’ve always struggled with my weight, ever since High School. I’m not obese or anything, but I’m on the high side of “normal” and occasionally my BMI will tip over to the “overweight” range. I normally wear between a 10-12 in women’s, fairly average, but certainly no bikini body.Β 

I hate working out and I hate eating healthy, which is probably why I struggle with my weight lol. Honestly, if I could have a metabolism that would allow me to eat what I want, never work out and maintain a socially acceptable weight, I would do it. I hate girls like that lol.

When Jeremy left for this deployment my goal was to lose 25lbs. I managed to lose 15 during the first 3 months, but then I got lazy and busy with school and work and probably put back on the 15 by the time he came home.

Jeremy, on the other hand, got into amazing shape on this deployment. He has always been slender, the man eats 3x the amount of food I do and never seems to put on a pound, damn him! lol. But over the last 6 months he has mostly been lifting weights at the gym and is now sexy buff…like, I can count all 6 abs πŸ˜‰

He wants to do a triathlon soon, so we decided to get into shape together. I certainly won’t be attempting the triathlon, but I’m still going to get into my own version of “shape”. Pear is a shape, right? lol

On the Saturday after he got home we started by shopping for healthy food. We don’t eat extremely unhealthy, not like fried chicken and McDonalds every night, but normally a lot of pasta, red meat and no vegetables.Β 

We were going to go really healthy, but neither of us like vegetables, so we got kinda stuck lol. Plus, I think it’s important to have realistic goals, we aren’t going to be able to maintain eating nothing but steamed vegetables and grilled chicken.Β 

Today was the next step, gym membership! There is a gym walking distance from our apartment and today we walked over and signed up (and worked out, of course). Our plan is to go together 4 nights a week and take a spin class on Saturday and Sunday morning.Β 

I’m hoping that by going together we will motivate each other and it will be a good husband/wife activity for us, since most of the things we like to do together don’t involve much physical activity (e.g. going to the movies and watching TV) lol.Β 

So we will see how the next few months go! I’m hoping I can keep it up and start to see some small changes in my body which will motivate me to keep it up! I know the best way to get in shape is to make a lifestyle change, rather than crazy fad diets and exercise regimes. Hopefully making the change as a couple will make it stick for me this time πŸ™‚