My New England Adventure!

Last weekend I went on my New England Adventure (see previous post here)


Highlights included Boston (The Freedom Trail) and New York City (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Time Square, Central Park and the 9/11 Memorial)

I am proud of myself for taking on this trip on my own, and I learned a lot about myself as well.

I’m proud of myself for traveling on my own. I’ve flown by myself before, but I always had someone to greet me at the airport, the extent of my solo travel was always just a flight. This time, I took public transportation from the Boston airport to the home I was staying at (rented through airbnb).

I’ve NEVER taking public transportation by myself before, my only other experience was a trolly in San Francisco when I was with Jeremy.  I used the T in Boston AND the subway in NYC (side note: I don’t know how people traveled to new cities in the days before smart phones, I would have been so lost without my Google Maps to tell me what train to take and what stop to get off on)

I am proud of myself for getting a rental car for the first time and driving in both Boston and NYC (I hate driving in the city).

I am proud of myself for coordinating this entire trip on my own. I booked the rental car, booked the hotels, timed my driving from Boston to Connecticut to NYC and then back to Connecticut, and arranged all of the sightseeing events.


Met up with my friend from grad school for the day in NYC

As much as I enjoyed all of the iconic monuments that I visited, I have discovered that I not the kind of person who can DO so many things each day. When I’m at home, I am a “homebody”. I can easily spend my weekends with no plans other than football and running errands. I love down time. I enjoy reading and watching my TV shows.

I’m not sure why I thought that being on vacation would be any different. By the second day I was exhausted! By the time Day 3 came around I didn’t want to leave my hotel room. But how can you just sit in your hotel room when you are in New York City!?


I’ve decided that I can still vacation, I do love history and seeing all of the “touristy” things; but I need to slow things down, otherwise I won’t enjoy myself.

This vacation was fun, but exhausting. I need a vacation from my vacation (which I kind of got, since I got sick after I came home and took a day off work)

Overall, I’m glad that I went. I think that I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and grew as a person; traveling in a new city by myself is way outside my box.


Side note: the 9/11 Memorial is AMAZING! So moving and beautifully done. Definitely a must see for anybody who visits NYC


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