Roots of Love

Like most normal American women, I grew up watching romantic comedies and reading sappy Nicholas Sparks novels; all of which shaped how I view love.

I so easily accept the physical representations of love; seeing my co-workers boyfriend hand delivered her flowers on Valentines Day from her boyfriend and thinking to myself that “he must really love her”.

There is nothing wrong with those superficial expressions of love. In fact, most healthy relationships are based on some expression of each partners “love language”: gifts, words of affection, touch, etc.

But I’ve come to realize that there is a deeper, more hidden, level of love.

One that is even more powerful and strong than the gifts and “I love you” that make it to the surface.

The roots and foundation of a true love.

That is what I see in my husband.

He has very few “sprouts” that make it to the surface; but his network of roots is so vast and deep that it will never be broken.

He is reserved and contained in his love. Not very affectionate or easy with words of affection.

His love is a part of his core; part of who he is on a fundamental level.

He isn’t always an easy person to love, missing the surface expressions of love that society has conditioned us to accept and expect. But to be loved by him is to know true commitment.

I am so very blessed



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