What A Bitch

photoOn Friday night MCAS Miramar hosted their first spouses flag football tournament. There were eight teams total, made up of the different squadrons and units at Miramar. We practices 2x a week for a month to get ready for the tournament, and we WON!

We played a total of three games. All eight teams played one round and the winners then paired off and played each other. The final two teams left played a championship game to determine the victor.

I love football, and I was having a great time until some of the girls on the opposing teams started getting major attitude.

I don’t understand why/how people can have such bad sportsmanship.

I understand competitiveness. I understand getting frustrated that your losing or the referee made a bad call. But there comes a point where your not being competitive/frustrated anymore…your just being a flat out bitch.

I was switched from defense to offense towards the end of our first game. On my first play on offense I was defending the quarterback and open palms to push back the girl who was rushing me. She tried to get around me by going at an angle rather than straight towards me (good move on her part), so my hands slid over and up as I tried to keep up with her while she pushed around me.

After the play was over we got back on the line and she got up in my face out of nowhere and told me to “keep my hands away from her fucking neck”.

Seriously!? Are you that upset that your team is losing that you need to bitch out a person that you just met all of two second ago?

A few girls were even thrown out of the other games due to attitude and talking back to the referees.

I just don’t get it.

To me, it’s a game. Even if I’m losing, I can still recognize and appreciate the other teams skills. There were plenty of times in the game where the offense would get off a good play that I didn’t defend well against, and my first thought would be “that was a smart play!” or “wow, she is really fast! That’s impressive”.

I don’t get into that kind of angry competitiveness. Even on my own team, the coaches said something about not being so “nice” on the final game; that if you pulled a flag to drop it on the ground instead of waking it back to the person you pulled it off of. Really?! That kind of pettiness pisses me off. Just because I’m on the opposing team doesn’t mean I can’t be nice to them and give them back their flag or help them up if they fall down. It’s a GAME!

I’m baffled by that kind of attitude (probably because it’s not at all my personality), but I’m also very upset about it and I’m really sure why.

Is is that I’m ashamed that attitude like that is part of human nature? In truth, I find that kind of attitude/bad sportsmanship/general bitchiness to be disgusting.

But I work with domestic violence victims all day, and while I don’t support spousal abuse, I don’t find it myself riled up and disgusted every time I hear about an abusive husband.

What is it about women being unnecessary bitches that pisses me off so much?

Am I the only one bothered on this level by that kind of behavior?


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