Life On Track

In the process of packing/moving last month, I stumbled across a project that I had completed in 1999 – when I was 10 years old.

It was a book about my life, and it included a “future” section where I wrote about what I wanted my future to be. It is eerily accurate!

Future Career: I wrote that I wanted to be a pediatrician, because I felt that children were the future of the generation and they need to be happy and healthy.

Actual Career: I hate the sciences, so medicine was not the career for me. However, I am still in the “helping profession”. When it comes down to the concept of wanting to better the lives of others, social work is certainly in the same category. And it involved a heck of a lot less science classes!

Future Marriage: I wrote that I wanted to get married at 20. Clearly I had not sense of age/societal standards. However, I think my choice in marriage age was due to the fact that I wanted kids around 28/30 and I didn’t want to go straight from marriage to kids.

Actual Marriage: What do you know, I did get married at 20! And I fully plan on enjoying 10 years with Jeremy until we add kids to the mix.

Future Children: I wanted two girls, born when I was 28 and 30.

Actual Children: I’m 25 now, and don’t have any plans to have babies before 30. So I suppose I’m pretty on track with that one. I do want my kids to be about 2 years apart, however, I now want two boys.

Future House: I wrote that I wanted a cottage in the country. My Mom’s house was on 10 acres and I loved it; it was so nice to grow up being able to play in the in the trees and have so much space to roam.

Actual House: Jeremy and I live in an apartment right now, but that’s due to the military and being stationed in San Diego. Once we move to Wisconsin, we plan on building a house (not a cottage) on a big piece of land…much more than 10 acres. I love living out in the boonies!

Many things in my life have gone exactly as I planned; college, career and (except for my young marriage) my personal life.

Luck certainly played a role, mostly when it came to meeting Jeremy. But for the most part, I’ve worked are to keep on track with how I want my life to be, and I’m so incredibly happy to have the life that I do now.



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