5 Years


Today is Jeremy and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary.

I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I’ve been married for 5 years. It sounds like such a long amount of time, but it doesn’t feel like it.

I still feel head-over-heels in love with my husband. It still feels new and fresh, because everyday I fall in love with him in a different way. Our love continues to develop and change as our relationships develops and changes.

“They called them crazy when they started out, said {19’s} too young to know what loves aboutโ€ฆ.”

IMG_2000And in a way, they were right. The way I loved him 5 years ago, was a young and excited kind of love. I loved the idea of marriage with Jeremy, the idea of him as a husband. I loved that he loved me. That he made me happy and made me smile everyday.

Now, I love his loyalty and commitment to me and our marriage. I love the simple everyday moments that make up our marriage; eating dinner together, watching NCIS, having our weekend breakfast at IHOP, etc. I love how completely he knows me, my quirks and my habits; and how deeply I have grown to know him. I love his moody side and his goofy sarcasm.

I’ve seen the best of him and the worst of him, and I still chose him, everyday.

In another 5 years I image that I will look back on our marriage and see even more change. I will grow to love Jeremy not only as a husband, but as the father of our children; as my partner in life.

Our life will change, our marriage will grow, and our love will continue to adapt and change.


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