My First Wedding! – Milagro Farm Vineyards & Winery

Yesterday I got to photography my first wedding! Although it’s not as exciting as it sounds…it was more like a couples session since the couple was eloping. It was just them, the official and me! Heather and I went to graduate school together and she and her new husband were on a budget for the wedding, so they asked me to be their photographer. I was so happy to get to try my hand at a wedding!

The location was out in Ramona at a winery (Milagro Farm Vineyards & Winery). Since it was February, the vineyards were dead, but we found a beautiful orange orchard with some trees that were just beginning to blossom

ImageImageThere were also some fully ripe orange trees, that made for a beautiful backdrop as well


I’ve posted a few of the shots on Facebook for a preview, and so far the most popular one is this. I was nervous about this shoot because it was mid-day, not my ideal time to shoot because I’m a big fan of backlight. But this photo goes to show that you can get some nice flare even at 12 noon!

ImageOverall, I’m very happy with how the photos came out, and the bride and groom seem pleased so far as well! I love being able to take photos for people who will treasure the memories.

Congrats Heather & Kenny!



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