My Kind of Romance

I’ve written before about my “boring” husband.

Most would say that he isn’t romantic at all. He doesn’t buy me flowers or surprise me. Nearly every date is planned by me. All of my jewelry from “him” for our anniversaries and birthdays has been picked out by me.

But this weekend, I was reminded again of how simple, yet profound his “romance” is.

We spent the weekend moving to our new apartment (which is HUGE and very luxurious). On Friday, Jeremy got off work, and although I still had to go into work later in the day, I took him to pick up the U-Haul at 7am and load up some of the big furniture before I had to leave. He then spent the rest of the day loading and unloading (up to the second floor) our ENTIRE house all by HIMSELF.

In addition, he took care of canceling our utilities, transferred the ones that could be transferred, and making sure he was at the house when the TV/internet people came by. He took care of all the address changes, disposed of all of the boxes, arranged all the furniture the way I wanted it, hung up all of my decor (even though he always grumps about putting holes in the wall lol) and picked up the new furniture that I bought.

He did all of that with a smile on his face and not a single complaint.

It’s not a romantic dinner or a new piece of jewelry. It’s being a good man. Being a good husband. Doing the basic everyday boring things to take care of your wife and your family.

That’s my kind of romance

ImageGood-bye old tiny apartment!


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