TBT: Engagement Photos…1 year after marriage!

One of the results of a quick courthouse wedding is that Jeremy and I didn’t go through the typical “engagement timeline” that most couples go through during a year (+) long engagement.

One of the main events in that timeline is the engagement photos.

So, when a fellow Marine wife was offering free photo-shoots to expand her portfolio, I jumped on the opportunity to have some professional photos taken. Our first professional photo-shoot ever….a year and nine months after our wedding!

Turns out, those photos came in very handy when we started planning our vow-renewal, I used them for the invitations!

These are some of my favorites:

Location: Oceanside Pier

Photographer: Alicia Roberts Photography


My absolute favorite!


My family’s favorite, I think they like the natural smiles. I’m not a huge fan of my hair, but I think Jeremy looks so sexy and happy!


One of the photos I used for our Vow Renewal invitations


The second photo I used for our invitations




Did I mention that my husband HATES getting is picture taken?! If you can’t tell from these photos, then that means I did a good job making him laugh and smile…he was super grumpy lol.

Next month we are doing another photos shoot, for our 5 year wedding anniversary. He is not happy haha


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