Being an Adult

A few months ago Jeremy and I had a BIG issue in our relationship. The kind of issue that spawned a 3 day ‘crying, not talking, wondering about the future’ kind of drama. I won’t go into the details because we have since resolved the issue, and that isn’t the point of my post!

My point is, that during those 3 miserable days where all I wanted to do was drive home and go see my Mom and have a good cry, I instead got up, went to work and put on my “adult” face.

The face of having to take care of my responsibilities, when I would rather do anything but.

I call it my “adult” face because I have come to realize that my definition of being an adult isn’t being married, being financially independent or having children. It’s doing what you need to do, even when you don’t want to.

It’s crying in your office for 10 minutes with the door closed, then wiping away your tears and going to your 9am meeting. It’s seeing clients and being present in their processing, when all I really want to do is be the client instead of the therapist. It’s putting a smile on your face when you pick your kids up at school and keeping it on until they go to bed so that their childhood and innocence remains untarnished.

If I had to define being adult, that would be it.


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