When the Rubber Meets the Road

Over Christmas Jeremy and I drove up to Nor-Cal to visit my family. On our way back, we were driving down the I-5 and Jeremy suddenly pulled over. He had noticed a mini-van that was stuck in the dirt on the side of the highway.

In the mini-van was a group of Asian college-aged kids, on their way to Vegas from San Francisco. They barely spoke English, but Jeremy was able to communicate with them enough to instruct them to help him hook up his jeep and pull them out of the pot-hole using a dog leash.

They were SO grateful for the help. The offered to pay Jeremy and followed him around like puppies, verbosely thanking him for stopping and assisting them.

I bring up this story, because later that week, after I got back to work, the topic of dating came up at the lunch table.  A few of my work fiends are single, and those that are use online dating. They were discussing the criteria they have for those that they even consider talking to; must be a democrat, no military, pro-gay marriage ,etc. (clearly I work in a very liberal field lol). They continued to discuss how people that aren’t “liberal” are bad people (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea). Can you really be a kind/good person if you don’t support gay marriage?

Their conversation made me thing of Jeremy. He isn’t the most liberal guy, although for being in the military he is more middle of the road than most. He doesn’t partially enjoy being around gay people, it makes him uncomfortable.

But Jeremy is the most kind and honorable man that I have ever met. Regardless of his political beliefs, he treats everyone as an equal, without bias or discrimination.

If that mini-van had been full of gay transvestites, he still would have pulled them out.

Actions speak louder than words, and Jeremy’s action are that of a GOOD man. Going out of his way to help his fellow man. Stopping to help people injured in a car accident. 

When the rubber meets the road, he is kind, honorable, loyal and respectful.

To me, that is so much more important than the answer to some questions on an online survey.



5 thoughts on “When the Rubber Meets the Road

  1. I venture to say your work “fiends” will be single for a long time if they are being that picky about finding a guy. Perhaps that’s why they are still single??

    • haha. Although I suppose when you are using online dating the whole point is to be picky and narrow down your pool of “compatible” matches. I do think that maybe they are focusing on the external criteria a bit more than the internal, which to me is more important.

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