Why My Blog Isn’t Going “Viral”

Last week a post went viral on my Facebook, maybe some of you have seen it as well: 23 THINGS TO DO INSTEAD OF GETTING ENGAGED BEFORE YOU’RE 23

At the same time, a girl who is part of a small (2k followers) Marine/Military S/O group wrote a blog in response to the article and posted it in the group (and likely on her personal page as well). Within the day I was seeing her blog reposed by many of my friends who are also part of the group. Within a few days it was being reposted by my friends who have absolutely no connection to the group. And by the end of the week, her blog had been cited by other sources and had hundreds of comments.

The girl who wrote the response had never had a blog before. It was her first blog post on her first blog. And it went VIRAL.

At first, I found myself a little jealous. I think I have written a lot of great posts on my blog, and I get excited when I get an actual comment from someone, much less over 700. I thought about how I could go about getting one of my posts to go viral, what it would take.

But then I started reading a lot of the comments, and probably half of them were negative; putting the author down, critiquing her post, judging her religion, judging her life.

And I suppose that is what happens when you gain internet popularity. When you put your life and your opinion out there and millions of people see it and feel they have the right to judge you and give their opinion.

So maybe I will stick to my 174 followers and my loyal (and kind) 10 commenters.

I don’t think my skin is thick enough for the negative judgement. I don’t think it’s worth the trade of popularity.


10 thoughts on “Why My Blog Isn’t Going “Viral”

  1. Yes, be happy with your 174 followers. If you read all 600+ comments, I don’t believe they were mostly negative. But I thank you for taking the time to read it. I wrote that blog on a whim in about an hour and NEVER expected it to go viral. I’d much rather have 174 people who want to read what I post and enjoy it, rather than endure the negativity.

    • I felt so bad for you! There were some comments that were very mean, people can be brutal when they have the anonymity of the internet. It’s crazy how things go viral on the internet when you don’t even expect it!

  2. My blog use to be open to the public but then some people at work found it and the gossip wheel started turning. So I had to make it private. I agree with you on keeping your blog “not viral”

  3. Ok so first, I have to tell you that I absolutely ADORE your blog pic – totally adorbs, and please thank your hubby for his selfless service. As to the whole blog “notoriety” etc – I can somewhat relate. There’s always a part of us that thinks, well what’s the point in writing if no one’s reading? You want some attention, some interest, some “credit” or whatever – but personally, I don’t want to be propelled into the limelight for anything in the world. If watching any amount of reality tv or ever having read a gossip mag tells you anything, it’s that far too many people “prostitute” themselves – metaphorically speaking (except in the case of Miley Cyrus) – to vie for the attention of others. But people – and, therefore, followers/fans – are fickle. One minute you’re the favorite and you’re on top – the next people are dissecting every teeny tiny part of your life, stalking you, taking your picture every where you go…Not for me. Imagine never being able to leave the house without someone commenting on what your hair looked like, what you wore, etc. Ugh, no thanks!! Besides – 174 followers is nothing to sneeze at 🙂

    • I completely agree! I think if my blog became too popular I would be afraid to post anything for fear of being critiqued and picked apart. I’m WAY to sensitive for that lol.

      • LOL, you and me both! But sometimes it’s hard. I mean, I’ve posted something in the past and if no one commented or just one person, I was almost like – whaaat? Then I remind myself that the whole point of my blog isn’t about some kind of popularity – it’s about giving me a place to gather my thoughts 🙂

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