TBT: Visiting Jeremy in Florida

When my first semester of Junior year ended, I hopped on the first plane to Florida to visit Jeremy after being apart for three months! It was amazing to be back in his arms!


The Marine Corps had set him up with a hotel on base and he had driven his car out to Florida from San Diego, which made my stay there very easy. Free room and free car! Since Jeremy was still in school I was left up to my own devices during the day. I explored Pensacola, Florida…for those of you that have been there, you know there isn’t a whole lot to explore lol. I walked around base, went to the beach (it was FREEZING in December!), went shopping, went to the movies and passed time in the hotel room on my laptop.


I discovered Waffle House (super cheap, but the quality was so/so) and Whataburger (didn’t rock my world).

Jeremy took me to the local restaurant/bar, McGuires. I turned 21 a few days before going out to visit him, so we celebrated by getting me an Irish Wake, their famous drink. It was green and tasted NASTY. My solution was to chug the entire thing (I paid $10 for it, I wasn’t going to waste it), and I got very tipsy and insulted a few of his friends (oops!).

18849_214375731818_7296523_nJeremy got some time off for Christmas and New Years, so we decided to make a road trip up to Wisconsin to see his family. It was my first White Christmas! Beautiful, but SO COLD!

The highlight of our road trip was Nashville, TN. We went to see the Country Music Hall of Fame (we are both big country music fans). We wanted to stop at the Jack Daniels distillery, but they were closed for New Years, when were passing by.

Although not exactly on the way, we decided to stop in New Orleans for New Years (we spent the whole day driving from TN to LA and got to Bourbon Street around 11pm, just in time to get a Hurricane and ring in the new year!). We then drove the rest of the way back to FL because all the hotels were booked up! Oh to be young and wild 😉


Jeremy and I took a few weekend trips while we were in the South; there are so many states so close together! We did a swamp tour in LA, which was SOOOOOO cold, and we didn’t even see any alligators. But it was fun, I ate some fried alligator…Jeremy had a burger lol.


After a lovely five week mini vacation in the South, I unfortunately had to head back to California. Thankfully, Jeremy had less than a month of school left, so we were on the home stretch!

I loved the South! I would definitely go back on a trip, there was so much more that I would love to do, and it would be nice to not be there in the winter!


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