{2013} In Review – {2014} Looking Forward

I rang in the new year of 2013 in Wisconsin with Jeremy’s family. He had returned from his second deployment a few weeks prior, in early December, and we enjoyed quality time together on a road trip to Wisconsin…it took 4 days one way!


We visited some of our friends on the way, those who had gotten out of the Marine Corps and settled down in their home states. Missouri, Wisconsin and Michigan were our main stops.

On the way back I made Jeremy take a detour to the Grand Canyon, something I had been nagging him about for a few years.


In January I started my last semester of graduate school, which concluded in my graduation in May of 2013. Jeremy had been away at six week training, but the Marine Corps was nice enough to let him come home for the weekend so he could be there to see me walk across the stage.

ImageAfter graduation I worked a few temp jobs and enjoyed my summer with Jeremy


San Diego Fair



In July I was hired on at my current position, my first “big girl” job!

Jeremy used the extra money from my income to buy a dirt bike….

ImageAnd a Jeep…which he got stuck

ImageI picked up a new hobby as well, photography


Around September Jeremy and I were both anticipating our big move after he started Recruiting School. Then October rolled around and Jeremy got hurt and dropped from school, which completely changed our plans.

We bought a puppy in October (see below photo and saw “AWWWW”), and now we are looking for houses to rent in San Diego to enjoy our last 2 years in California before we pack up for good to head to Wisconsin.


So here we are, looking forward to 2014….a completely different 2014 then we had expected. I suppose that is the military for you! We were expecting to be moving across the county for Jeremy to start his 2 years of recruiting. Instead we are still in San Diego, and Jeremy has decided to get out of the military after his current enlistment is over (which is 6 months shorter now that his extension was canceled after he had to drop from Recruiting School).


I anticipate that 2014 will be an uneventful year for us.

No graduations, no deployments (hopefully), no big moves or new babies (again, hopefully!).

I will be working, starting to establish myself in my new career and pay of my student loans and credit card debt. Jeremy will be working his normal job and doing his physical therapy, starting a slow recovery from his injury. Our puppy will grow up, I will decorate our new home, I will make new friends at work, I will enjoy my weekends with my husband.

Simple. Perfectly Simple 2014.


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