Our New Puppy!

On Tuesday we added a new addition to our family: a 8-week old (mostly) border collie that my husband named MacGyver!


My husband LOVES dogs. He has been wanting one forever, but putting it off because of our small apartment and his work schedule. But apparently he decided he can’t wait any longer and he started researching breeds and local breeders.

I contributed by saying “oh, that one looks cute!” too all of the photos he showed me lol (have I mentioned I am a cat person?)

He decided on a border collie and managed to find an “affordable” breeder selling puppies a few hours away. On Tuesday he drove up to pick up our little guy, and discovered that he probably isn’t a full border collie. He looks a little Shepard to us. But we don’t plan on breeding, so it’s fine with us if he is a little mixed. Jeremy was more looking for the temperament of border collies.

So far he is freaking adorable!

Jeremy does all the training, feeding and walking. He takes him to work with him and wakes up at night to walk him. MacGyver is very much “his” dog, which is fine with me and exactly what we had talked about when we got him.

I’m not a huge dog person, but who wouldn’t love a puppy!? I like to play with him, and hold him, and Jeremy is determined to teach me how to be the “alpha” so that MacGyver will obey me when Jeremy leaves. Apparently we are taking a obedience class one Mac is old enough. Oh joy lol


10 thoughts on “Our New Puppy!

  1. Congratulations on your new puppy πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about being alpha ..focus your efforts on keeping your new bundle of energy tired!!! Have fun with him ..love the name !

    • I’m afraid I will teach him the wrong things when he is little and ruin him forever lol. Hence the obedience classes. I’ve always been a cat person so I don’t know how to train him or anything :/.

      He seems to always be tired too! I’ve never seen a puppy sleep so much lol. We certainly try to keep him playing though so he will sleep at night, which so far has been good πŸ™‚

  2. Our obedience class was a lot of fun to attend. I went with Norma by myself so that Norma would learn to respond to me when Michael is gone. I second the suggestion of just keeping your little fur ball tired! Everything else will come in time πŸ™‚ He looks so adorable, and I love his name!

    • I’m hoping the obedience classes will be helpful, I have no idea what I am doing lol. He is already very bonded to Jeremy, so I think me and him going alone is the best idea so he will respond to me when Jeremy leaves and not get out of hand πŸ™‚ Good to hear that they are fun!

  3. So cute and congratulations! We too got a puppy this week – on Sunday. He is 9 months old and we rescued him from the shelter. His name is Oakley (already named) and he is a handful. We too are taking obedience classes very soon…I know he will be a great dog with a little bit of training. Your puppy is adorable!!!

    • I love rescue puppies! I was all about getting one from the shelter but Jeremy had his heart set on a border collie puppy. He really wanted to train him and raise him from as young as possible. My cat was a rescue though, so at least I can feel like we are partially helping out abandoned animals πŸ™‚

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