TBT: The Wedding Night

After my Dad finished taking what felt like a million photos and tearing up over the fact that his little girl was now a married woman, he finally left me and Jeremy at the hotel to check into our room and enjoy our wedding night.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
We took some sappy photos, “consummated” our marriage a few times (no reason to beat around the bush, you all knew it was coming with the title of this post! lol), and got ready to head to dinner.


100_0342Part of the Valentine’s Day package my Dad had bought us at the hotel included a $100 gift card to the hotel restaurant. One would think that would buy us a awesome dinner, but Jeremy and I are pizza and burger type people, so the food selection was not very impressive, and we still had to spend an extra $50 on top of the gift certificate (like I said, it was a very classy (aka expensive) place)!

We also had to send back the champage they offered us in honor of our marriage since we were underaged lol. You know you got married young when you have to drink sparkling cider on your own wedding night!

We did keep the champagne bottle they left in our room. Jeremy is planning on engraving it with our wedding date someday.

All in all it was a simple wedding night. We just enjoyed being together and being married, which was exactly what I wanted


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