The Typical Military Wife

When Jeremy left for his first deployment in 2010 I made friends with a group of wives from the unit he was attached too. We all met on Facebook, by joining the same support groups and seeking out other wives from the unit that we could relate to and bond with over the course of that 7 months deployment.

There were 7 of us total, including me. All ranging from 20-25 years old (at the time) and from all across the country. 1 from Michigan, 1 from Wisconsin, 3 from California, 1 from Texas and 1 from South Carolina.

After the guys came home in 2011 we all kept in touch via Facebook. I was never super close to any of them, but we would hang out occasionally, kept up with each other’s lives and commented on each others post.

It is now nearly exactly 3 years later (end of October is when they deployed in 2010), and we are all in completely different places.

I bring these ladies up, because I realized that the group of us are almost a perfect representation of the “average” military wife.

We are all young and from every corner of the country.

Out of the 7 of us, 6 of us are still married (although another is “separated”, legally she is still married). Of those 5 who are still with our spouses, 3 have babies. Only 4 of us have spouses who are still in the Marine Corps. Of those 4, we have all been re-stationed at least once.

Some combination of marriage, divorce, babies and moving. Yep, that’s the ingredient of a typical military life!

We could make our own Lifetime show. Instead of “Army Wives”, we can be “Marine Wives” haha


4 thoughts on “The Typical Military Wife

  1. My close friends and neighbors are also military (USAF) and I see the fortitude they exhibit. I wish the news media would report on your sacrifices instead of focusing on minority rights and racial divisiveness. With the Marines, you are one.

    Thank you…very much.

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