Fashion for ALL Women

I LOVE to shop. I jokingly tell my husband that shopping is my “hobby”. Okay…maybe I’m not joking lol.

I could easily spend hundreds of dollars on a shopping trip (although I only shop at discount stores like Marshalls, TJMaxx and Ross), but I limit myself to $300 a month because I am frugal.

I enjoy hunting through clothes and finding the perfect top or dress. I enjoy accessorizing and creating outfits with scarves and chunky necklaces. I enjoy fashion.

I’ve discovered, through watching “What Not to Wear” and talking to my friends, that clothes shopping is often not enjoyable for “plus size” or “curvy” women. When you are not comfortable with your body, then trying on clothes and not having them fit can be depressing and frustrating.

I am here to say to all those women, ITS NOT YOU!Β 

I am by no means obese, but neither am I tiny. I typically wear a 12/14 in pants and dresses and a Large in tops and jackets. If anything, if I was the type of person to judge my body by the clothes that fit me I would be very frustrated since I am often too “big” for regular sizes (the size Large pants at Charlotte Russe are a joke, they are actually about a 7/9…in what world is that “Large”?) and too “small” for the plus size stores (A cup boobs over here! lol)

Today I went into the dressing room at Marshals with about 25 items. I ended up buying 5 of those. I view that as a successful shopping trip.

When I tried on those 20 items that did not fit, never once did I think that I was too fat. The clothes did not fit, that does not mean I need to change my body, it means I need to try on a different item of clothing.

Lets be realistic, all women have slightly different body types. Even if you bring together all the woman who wear a size 8, I can bet you that not all of them carry their weight the same way. Some women are pear shaped, some women have no curves, some women have big busts, some have big butts. The list goes on. We are all built different (even if we wear the same size) so why should we expect that all clothes that are in “our size” are going to fit us?

Hence my original point: it’s not you, it’s the clothes.

Now that we’ve settled the fact that you don’t need to change your body, the solution isn’t that designers need to change how they make clothes. That same pair of pants that you just tried on and passed over because they didn’t fit right, may fit the next woman who tries them on perfectly, because they work with her body type.

So the solution is to figure out what clothes work with your body type and what styles flatter your figure.

Not gonna lie, I have a muffin top. I would never buy a sweater dress or any type of dress that is form fitting all the way down, no matter what size it is. It will never be flattering on my body. I grab dresses that have a defined waist and then flare out. Does every dress that meets that criteria look good? Heck no. But there is a way better chance that it will look good compared to a form fitting dress.


Don’t let you body stop you from enjoying fashion. Fashion is not some reward for skinny people, it’s for all women.



3 thoughts on “Fashion for ALL Women

  1. Great post! I agree that it is important to ignore the actual size on the clothes – especially with all of the vanity sizing that is ever-so-popular right now. Shopping can be a pleasant experience if you know what looks good on you, regardless of size!

    • Agreed! I didn’t even go into the whole sizing issue, that could be a whole other post. I once bought 2 pairs of underwear (different brands), and when I laid them in top of each other the Large was bigger than the XL! Sizing is so inaccurate.

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