Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

I would like to introduce Sir Lancelot, my furry companion when Jeremy is away.


He is around 3 years old now, and I got him when he was a kitten.


3 weeks old


2 years old

Funny story about his name. When my BFF and I were in middle school we had this whole plan to go to college together and share an apartment (aka Camelot) and fill it with our cats (Sir Lancelot, King Arthur, etc.)

So when I finally got my own pet in college, I named him Sir Lancelot, even though we didn’t end up being roomies.

She got a cat too, and called him Sushi….way to ruin the dream, right?! 


Sir Lancelot (aka Lance) and I have a love/hate relationship. 

I love cats. I am basically a crazy cat lady. I think they are the most adorable animals ever. Therefore I love Lance, because he is a fluffy cat.

However, Lance is kind of a Diva Asshole, and therefore there are many times during the day when I hate him. I hate Lance when he is meowing in my face at 6am wanting me to feed him. I hate him when he is laying on my arms when I am trying to use my computer. I hate him when he swats at me when I walk by. I hate him when he opens all the cupboards and bangs them at 3am. I hate when I have to pay extra pet rent and figure out how to transport a cat across county and pay for all those expenses.

It’s a good thing I really love cats, otherwise the hate list would outweigh the love lol. Which is how my husband feel, he just hates cats.

Although I am not looking forward to moving Lance from CA to WI when we PCS, I firmly believe in being a “forever” owner. Not a “until we PCS” or “until we have kids”. I recused Lance from the shelter and I intend on loving/hating him for the rest of his life.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

  1. Loved this post! I feel the same way about my cat/beast, but my husband likes to remind me that I’m headed on the path of a crazy cat lady.

    • I think I’m already there lol. If it wasn’t for my husband in sure I would have gotten another by now. He doesn’t even let me go to the pet store alone on adoption day lol

      • Haha we have the same rule in our home! In Japan there are so many stray cats that roam the streets that I get in trouble when I try to pet them. :-/

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