TBT: First Official Date

I seemed to have skipped last weeks “Throwback Thursday”, guess that’s what happens when you are working full time and have your husband home!

To get back on track, this week I wanted to share about our first official date, since last edition I left off with our first “unofficial” date.

After Jeremy helped me move in to my apartment and met my Mom and Grandma, we finally went out on our first “real” date lol.

He took me to Chilies…classy man haha

I distinctly remember this date because of our unique conversation.

I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a county boy. Apparently, in the county boy world, it impresses a girl to tell her about your skills on a farm.

So after I ordered my cheeseburger, he told me a lovely story about how sometimes on the farm, cow’s stomachs get twisted and you have to cut them open, stick your hands inside, and untwist the stomach.

And then my burger arrived, at the conclusion of that appetizing story lol

I am smiling now, as I recant this story, because of amazing that first date was, nasty cow story and all.

It was amazing because Jeremy never tried to be anyone but himself. He didn’t try to impress me by being what he thought I wanted, he was just upfront and honest. I can safely say that no man has ever told me about cow stomachs on a first date lol.

That’s how our relationship has been from the beginning, and what I love so much about our marriage. I don’t have to be anyone but who I am, and he loves me, all of me. And I love him, just the way he is.

Everyone deserves to be loved for exactly who they are. 

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