Hardest Moments From the First Year

Part II of the Newly Wed Link-Up: Hardest Moments From the First Year

This one is easy for me to answer.

Like many military couples, our first year of marriage involved being separated.

It wasn’t a deployment, but Jeremy went to Florida for 5 months to complete schooling. I was able to visit him for 2 weeks in the middle of it when I was on winter break from school, but the the time apart was very hard for me.

Throughout our courtship and engagement we were lucky that Jeremy was not sent away; no deployments, no trainings, no schooling. Additionally, since he was stationed just an hour away form where I lived, we saw each other every weekend, if not more frequently.

We moved in together when we got married, and less than 6 months later he was sent to Florida.

It was very hard for me; I was unprepared for what to expect, didn’t know how to handle the loneliness and I got depressed.

I had drifted from most of my friends when Jeremy and I got married, the normal newlywed bliss where you want to spend every moment together. But as a military wife, what that meant when my husband left was that my friend’s lives had gone on, and I wasn’t a daily part of them anymore.

So I had a lot of time on my hands and a huge void in my life without Jeremy. I got lonely, which lead to depression.

After about a month I realized that I didn’t want to be sad anymore. I am a military wife, I knew I needed to be okay on my own when Jeremy leaves (as he was bound to do many times).

So I called Military One Source and signed up for free counseling.

I saw a therapist for 6 weeks, and she helped me so much with learning how to cope with the separation.

I started volunteering, keeping busy, making new friends, and thinking positive thoughts.

To this day I still rely on her advice; after 2 deployments and numerous trainings and schools, I can handle separations like a pro!

For your entertainment, here is a very cheesy video I made for our one year anniversary back in 2010 lol


On the beach in Pensacola, FL – December 2010


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