TBT: Unofficial First Date

The second time Jeremy and I saw each other in person he met my Mother and my Grandmother.

We move fast lol

After spending the week in my hometown packing up the U-Haul, I started my drive back down to San Diego with my Mom and Grandma in their car behind me, prepared to meet me at my apartment and help me move in.

Jeremy was eager to see my when I got back, so when I told him I would be busy moving all weekend and could see him on Sunday evening he offered to help me move instead.

I should have known then that he was a catch. Jeremy is a very traditional guy. He likes to be the man in the relationship, and I am happy to have him fill that role. Through out our marriage he is always talking care of things; doing all our driving when we go on road trips, assembling the furniture, packing up the car when we go on trips, paying the bills, fixing my car, etc.

I can do all of those things as well, I am a perfectly capable woman and I have in fact done all of those things when I was single or during the times he was deployed. But it’s so nice to not have to do them, to have someone who wants to take care of me.

From the very beginning of our relationship he has been taking care of me, and I look forward to the rest of my life never having to assemble furniture or fix my own car πŸ™‚


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