Throwback Thursday: Our Love Story {Part 3}





The above photo is me and Vanessa the night we went out and I met my husband: May 16, 2008. Apparently we ate at Carl’s Junior, poor college students at their finest lol

Next we headed out to the Stampede, a 18+ county western bar

Let me tell you a little about this bar. It’s located in Temecula, CA, which is about 30/40 minutes away from Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. It’s affectionately known as “Trampede” and is normally filled with Marines. I’d feel comfortable saying that probably 80-90% of the men in the bar are Marines.


It’s my favorite bar because I LOVE to line-dance. I started line dancing in High School when the local country bar started an 18+ night on Thursdays. When I moved to San Diego I discovered the Stampede, and I would make my friend’s drive the hour it took to get there and go with me. None of them got into the dancing much, but they certainly enjoyed the view of sexy Marines.

Since it’s a 18+ bar it’s pretty much the only club/bar that the young Marines can go to, which means you get your mix of real county boys and posers trying to fit in. Occasionally you also get the hip-hop types who don’t even try to fit in, they just awkwardly stand out and wait for the hip-hop section of the night.

That third type, the hip-hop guys, are the ones my friend Vanessa was interested in. She has a thing for black men (although she ended up marrying the whitest man I’ve ever seen, which is pretty funny). She is also the most outgoing and least shy person I have ever met, which means that we are always meeting new people when we go out.

So we get to the bar, and she immediately focuses on the ONLY black man in the entire bar. She decides that she wants to talk to him, and as her “wing-woman” I start checking out his friends to see who I can strike up a conversation with.

The first guy I see is this tall, sexy cowboy. Wranglers, button up with pearl snaps, Skoal ring and a cowboy hat. Now that is my kind of man. He was also clearly a Marine (you spend enough time in Southern California and you learn how to pick them out lol).

As I mentioned last week, I had just broken up with a Marine, which meant that I was not very interested in finding a new one. In fact, my friend Vanessa had also recently ended things with her on-again/off-again Marine boyfriend and we had sworn off Marines during our earlier dinner at Carl’s Junior.

But when a man is that sexy, you bend your rules a little bit πŸ˜‰

So I walked up to talk to him, we chatted for a few minutes, and he blew me off to chase a slutty looking cowgirl about 5 minutes later.

To be continued….


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