Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Yesterday I saw on a military wives page on FB that a girl had sewn in a patch on the back of her graduation sash to represent her husband who could no be there because of deployment.

My husband missed my college graduation 2 years ago because of a deployment as well, so I know she feels. I thought her idea was really sweet, and it had never occurred to me do something like that.

I remember missing my husband a lot at my graduation. Not just because it was 5 days away from his homecoming, but because he was a huge support for me during college.

Now, as I look forward to my Master’s graduation without my husband by my side, I again think about how big of a support he has been. Not only financially supporting me through college, but by always encouraging me and pushing me to accomplish my goals. He is always bragging about me to his friends and at work, and is so proud of all that I have accomplished with my schooling.

I remember feeling like there was an empty space the day that I graduated with my bachelors. Even though my parents and siblings where there, my husband wasn’t, and I anticipate feeling that way again in 2 weeks when I graduate. By incorporating something to represent him into my graduation garb, I thought it might be a way to fill that emptiness.

So I decided to put a photo of him in my graduation cap, much like I have seen deployed soldiers do with pictures of their spouses in their covers and helmets.


Clearly I need a new portrait of my husband, it’s been 6 years since he graduated boot camp lol


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

      • The wording “The Future” seems appropriate given that it’s hovering over your husband’s head in your cap πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your graduation!

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