Throwback Thursday: Our Love Story {Part 2}

Joe was the last guy I dated before I met my husband. He was also a Marine.

We met at a party on my college campus just a week before he deployed. We hung out a few times before he left, and when he shipped out to Afghanistan he asked me to write him. So I did.

I didn’t wait for him and he wasn’t my boyfriend, but we talked and got to know each other over the course of his 7 month tour. I dated a few other guys while he was gone, but I think part of the reason none of them ever got serious was that I wanted to be single when Joe came home, to find out if we had a chance at a relationship.

He came on in early May and the first week or so was amazing. He asked me to come see him the night he got home, he had bought me jewelry from Afghanistan and he wanted to make plans to take me out again.

But he slowly started taking longer and longer to return my text messages and wouldn’t return my phone calls. When it came time for us to meet up again like we had planned, he didn’t show up or call.

I used to be the kind of girl who would put up with that kind of behavior. I used to be the girl that would give a guy a second chance and  cling to a relationship. I’ve put up with being ignored, I’ve put up with emotional abuse and I’ve put up with physical abuse.

But after my first boyfriend hit me and I finally recovered from that break up, I told myself I would never let myself be treated as less than amazing by any guy.

Because I am a catch, and I deserve to be with a man who values what he has when he has me.

So I broke up with Joe, less than 2 weeks after we started “dating”.

That was on May 16th, the same night I went out and ended up meeting my husband. The night I met the man who treats me like a queen. The man who thinks my quirks are cute. The man who think he is lucky to have me as his wife. The man who loves me, for exactly who I am.

Sometimes I think it is poetic justice. That the day I cut someone out of my life who was toxic to me, I was reward with the love of my life. Never settle for less than you deserve.

To be continued….



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