Throwback Thursday: Our Love Story {Part 1}

I’ve seen a few weekly “Our Story/My Story” posts on other blogs and I really like the idea of posting a part of my life every week so my readers can get to know me and my story.

Since most of my blog is related to my life as a military wife, I decide I would post my journey of falling in love with my husband and beginning my life with him as a military spouse.

So this is my first addition of Throwback Thursday: Our Love Story!

To first set the stage – It was Friday May 16, 2008 and I was 19 years old.

I had just finished my first year of college at San Diego State. I had taken my last final the day before and moved out of the dorms that morning. It only took one trip in my ’98 Camry to move all of my belongings out of my dorm room and into my new apartment.

While most people were moving home for summer vacation, I had decided to stay in San Diego, 550 miles away from my family and hometown. I had a part-time job at a gym as a receptionist and was working weekends for a catering company, serving food at weddings.

My friend Vanessa, who I had gotten close with over the last 9 months living down the hall from each other in our dorm, had agreed to be my roommate for the summer. In August our other friend from the dorms, Kelley, would be our 3rd roommate when she moved back to San Diego for the next school year. Our 4th roommate was a yet-to-be-detmined random person off Craigslist that we needed to make the rent lol. 4 girls, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms: a receipt for disaster lol

So on May 16h Vanessa and I moved our all our belongings from the dorms, to our new apartment. We had no furniture (other than a robin egg blue couch that Vanessa bought off a random Asian couple when she was Craigslist shopping for a bed), no kitchen supplies and an empty fridge.

So we decided to go out to eat and hit up our favorite 18 and up bar/dance club: The Temecula Stampede. First, to get food since we had nothing to eat; secondly, to celebrate being done with finals; and thirdly, to get my mind off my recent break up with Joe.

Joe and I….(to be continued)


Me and Vanessa: Freshman year


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