We’re PCS’ing!

Well, looks like we are leaving California finally!

My husband accepted the recruiting orders and leaves for school in October. That means 2014 will find us living in new city and state!

There is no “guarantee” when it comes to the military, and that is very true with recruiting orders. You can request a “district” to get stationed at, but they decide where to put you within that district.

The one we want includes Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Ideally we would get stationed in Wisconsin, since that is where Jeremy’s family lives. Jeremy has some connections and has been told that there is a very very good chance that we will get Wisconsin…but again, there are no guarantees.

The suspense is already killing me! lol. We don’t find out his duty station until 1/2 through school, so not till November or December…sucks!

The other sucky thing is that taking these orders means that Jeremy had to extend his contract, his new EAS date is now 2017. That sounds so far away right now lol.

At that point he will have served 10 years of active duty…which means he might decide to go for the full 20 and make it a career.

But that is a long way off and a choice we can make when it arrives.

For now, I am just glad Jeremy made a decision and we can start planning for our future!

I am so excited to leave San Diego. I love it here (who wouldn’t?!) but I’m ready for a change.

Bring it 2014!

3 thoughts on “We’re PCS’ing!

    • That’s good to hear because I’ve mostly been hearing that people hate it lol. 12 hour days and 6-7 day work week :/ he goes to school here in San Diego at the Recruiting Depot, so it’s close by 🙂

      • I think that it might be dependent on the recruiter’s personality, plus there is a lot of paperwork. They like it regardless because they can spend do much time mentoring and talking to young adults. I think that they feel like its rewarding.

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