Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This week’s Photo Challenge is Change.

Conveniently that topic lines up with a recent event in our life, the possibility of our first PCS!

Jeremy got selected for Recruiting Duty, and today he called me and explained to me that he was told to make a decision about it by Monday.

So we have to decide if we want to take it or not over the next 2 days.

There are pros and cons to both sides that I won’t really go into, because it’s personal and specific to our life, but I am every excited about the possibility of finally leaving CA — for the possibility of CHANGE!

I’ve lived my whole life in CA, and you would think once I married someone in the military I would get to see the world and travel. But not us, we’ve been in Southern California for almost 6 years!

If we do decide to take the orders, there is a high chance that we would get stationed in Wisconsin, which is where my husband is from and where all his family live.

Talk about change, San Diego to Wisconsin lol.

So stay tuned! Maybe on Monday I will write a post about how 2014 will mean our family moving from Beach Bums to Snow Bunnies!




3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. how funny is that my hubby’s name is Jeremy and we are up for our first PCS!

    We are going to be the last to recieve our choice for a new station… but I’m every bit excited for a change also. At first I didn’t want to leave because we are like 3 hrs from home but then again traveling sounds fun.

      • You gotta look at the pros in making changes or the negatives will hold you back forever. Plus you got to enjoy the traveling while your in the military scenario 🙂

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