A few days ago a fellow wife turned me on to a Facebook page called “Kittens for Devil Dogs“. Now, unlike what the title implies, and I assumed (pet adoptions), it is in fact a FB page filled with women who have submitted photos of themselves scantily clad in order to “support” Marines (also known as Devil Dogs…the title makes sense now, right? lol)

The woman who showed it to me, and many other wives, were outraged. Apparently some married men had been not only looking at the page, but messaging some of the girls inappropriate things. These outraged wives wanted to report the page and get it taken down, and were fishing for my support.

I did not support their cause, and contrary to their belief, this does not mean that I support married men cheating.

My reasoning is this: The women posting their photos are doing so of their own free will. No problem there. The men looking at them are also doing it of their own free will. Nobody is forcing these Marines, married or not, to look at half-naked photos of women.  It is not the pages fault that married guys are looking at the photos they post, they can’t regulate that. Therefore, I don’t see any need to get the page removed, both parties are voluntarily participating.

There is temptation everywhere, not just with FB pages like these.  When my husband was deployed and stopping in ports like Malaysia and the Phillipnes, prostitutes were openly proportioning all the Marines…and you can bet they didn’t care if they were married.

There is now way a wife can regulate all of the temptation that a man may come across in his daily life. Therefore you must have trust. Trust that your spouse is an honest and committed person who will remain faithful to you, no matter what temptations come before him.

Without trust there is no point in a relationship, because a relationship where you have to monitor your husband’s activities to be sure he isn’t cheating on you doesn’t sound like much of a relationship to me.


6 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I support scantly clad woman as much as the next girl but what they do in their spare time had no effect on me. I was pointed to a page similar to that and even if I don’t condone the actions I can’t force anyone to do differently.
    I love your posts.

  2. This is such a refreshing post. I hate when women automatically go and blame the women. It takes two to tango. The husband is just as guilty, sometimes even more than the woman. I tend to wonder often what happened to logical thinking. This is such a refreshing outlook to read.

    • Definitely! I always wonder why women seem to blame the other woman more than their husband. That woman doesn’t know them and didn’t promise to be faithful to them…those were the vows their husband made. I mean, it would be nice if women would respect marriage and not go after married men, but I’ve always seen it as more of the man’s fault if he cheats then the random woman who doesn’t know you from eve.

  3. I can understand where these wives would be upset. I can also understand why they would push hard to have the page shut down. That kind of thing isn’t allowed according the the FB terms of service and if reported, the page most likely would be shut down by FB. Not to say they wouldn’t just pop back up again.

    I think all parties are to blame in a situation like this. If a married man, or any random man, messaged me for something like that, one of the first things I would ask would be their marital status. If you knowingly encourage and lead on a man you know to be married, then it’s just as much your fault not only for throwing the temptation in front of him but for encouraging it.

    I think part of the issue with the wives is insecurity. My husband has done things in the past, many years ago, that made me question my worth and value both as a person and woman and in our marriage. It made me question why he married me to begin with and how we could ever have a happy marriage again. All these years later, he is finally working on rebuilding my trust, after spending so much time destroying it. In situations like mine, these types of pages are just another slap in the face. My husband is trying to be an honorable man, to be the husband I need him to be and the father our kids need him to be and here these women are throwing themselves out there and no doubt his buddies down range are trying to figure out a way to get my husband to let his guard down and “relax”.

    It’s a sad world we live in when we feel that supporting someone means we have to show off our bodies. At what point did our bodies become a commodity? And what happened to sending care packages and baked goods?

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