Different Standards

I learned something new at work last week that I wanted to share.  One of my co-workers brought something up that I had never looked at before, the fact that people often judge themselves by a different set of standards than they judge others.

For example: you are on your way to work and you get stuck in traffic and you show up late to an important meeting. You may be beating yourself up about it and thinking that you should have left earlier and that everyone must think that you don’t care about your job and aren’t a committed employee.

Now, image you are at that same meeting and you arrive on-time, but your boss is late. Do you think that she doesn’t care about her job or is a bad employee? Probably not. You are probably thinking that stuff happens, sometimes there is traffic, sometimes your alarm doesn’t go off, etc.

And this can expand to so many aspects of our lives.

I know I have often seen heavier girls then me at the beach and thought, “good for her for rocking that bikini, she looks super cute”. Yet when I’m at the beach in my bikini I think I look like a fat cow and that everyone must be thinking, “I don’t want to see her in a bathing suit”.

Or not getting a job and thinking that it must have been you; you said something wrong in the interview or did something to make them not like you. But when your friend gets rejected from a job you tell her that they probably hired internally and weren’t really considering outside applications.

People tend to be so much harder on themselves then they are on others, and that’s not a healthy way to live.


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