Checking out other people?

I was texting with a friend today, she was sending me sexy shirtless pictures of cowboys (typical Wednesday night lol).

This is something we do often. She is my only friend who has a thing for country boys the way that I do. We will share pictures and check out cute cowboys when we are out.

She mentioned in a text tonight that even thought we are both married she enjoys our hot cowboy photo exchanges and is thankful to have a friend who doesn’t judge her.

It got me thinking, is it wrong to find other people attractive when you are married? Should married people not “check out” other people?

I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with looking. Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I’m blind.

And to be fair. I don’t have some kind of double standard with this, I don’t mind my husband finding other women attractive.

Anybody else have an opinion on the matter? Agree or Disagree?


4 thoughts on “Checking out other people?

  1. it is refreshing to find a woman with a balanced perspective on this issue. I know a number of women who will watch a movie just because of the hot guy in it. However when it comes to their boyfriend or husband talking about another woman being attractive they become incredibly jealous and angry. I think it is fine. Because only a conceited nice person will believe that their significant other really thinks they’re the only attractive woman in the world. I may find my girlfriend extremely attractive. But the say she is the only attractive or even the most attractive woman in the world is naive. She may be the most attractive to me because I know her very well and we have developed a long lasting relationship. But when it’s simply comes to looks there’s nothing wrong with admitting that other women are attractive too. It doesn’t mean I’m going to cheat on her and sleep with them. Thanks for the balanced approach.

  2. I haven’t heard my boyfriend say that he thinks this celebrity or that actress is hot, but I’m not one to shy away from saying a guy (or even a girl) is hot (or pretty). Hellllllo, Channing Tatum (and his wife is gorgeous too!). When I say this stuff, it’s usually just in front of my girlfriends. I don’t expect my boyfriend to want to hear it. Hahaha At the end of the day, I love him. As long as you aren’t sitting there wishing you were with that person instead of your significant other, I don’t see what’s wrong with saying that someone else is attractive.

  3. You can’t avoid noticing attractive people! Just because they are physically good looking doesn’t mean they could compare to my man ( they could try but they would fail). It is okay to admit and adore their beauty but I think it crosses a line if you lust for them. If Mr.Possible said he thought some girl was beautiful then I would probably agree with his respectful statement but, if he were to say “she is so sexy! I would love to do the mattress mambo with a fox like her!”…Then we would have a problem.

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