Last week my boss sent out an email asking all of the employees to appreciate somebody at work.

I didn’t read the email until after I had been “appreciated”. My co-worker came up to me and thanked me for always being on time, efficient and professional.

Hearing those compliments made me so happy! And even after getting the email and realizing that she probably said it because she had been promoted too, I still think she was giving me a genuine compliment and it felt nice to be appreciated.

Regardless of why she said it, it meant a lot to me, and made me realize that I should make an effort to let people know I appreciate them more.

That day I sent our receptionist a nice email, thanking her for dealing with my difficult clients. Then when I got home I told Jeremy how much I appreciate him always taking out the trash.

Just small things. Things that I think in my head, but don’t always say out loud.

Just because it’s a small action, doesn’t mean it’s not important.

So I challenge everyone today, just like my boss did, to appreciate somebody. Acknowledge the things that they do, big or small, that make a positive impact on your life.



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