The Little Things

When I married Jeremy I knew he wasn’t romantic. He has never been the type to surprise me at school and serenade me with a love song on a guitar. He rarely brings home flower and or surprises me with gifts.

But I’m okay with that, because I love him for who he is and I appreciate the other ways in which he shows me he loves me.

I may not get surprise vacations, but he is faithful, respectful, kind and honorable. And in little ways, he does show me his romantic side.

This last week I was incredibly moody thanks to mother nature, it seemed like everything Jeremy said irritated me…for absolutely no reason. The joy of being a woman I guess lol. I wasn’t feeling appreciated or loved, even though he was acting the same as he always does.

But then he did two little things that made me realize that I am indeed married to a truly wonderful man.

Jeremy has been working on a new project of his for the truck and needed to go into work to use the welder. He decided to go in on Friday night since he didn’t want to see anybody from work or get roped into actually doing real work. So he left around 3pm and I asked him if he could bring home dinner when he came home since I was craving Chipotle. Around 6pm he came home with dinner and I enjoyed the yumminess of a chicken bowl. Then he said he was going back to work…I was confused, I thought he was home for the night. He said that he didn’t get to finish what he needed to but he came home anyway because he knew I wanted Chipotle.

Insert my “awwww” feeling. He drove all the way back from work just to pick me up Chipotle because he knew I wanted it. He didn’t make a big deal out of it, it wasn’t meant to be a romantic gesture, that’s just how he is.

My next “awww” moment came this morning. Yesterday morning Jeremy had gotten up early to go into work and finish his project so I woke up alone. Well, I actually woke up to my cat. My cat and Jeremy have a mutual hatred of each other, so when Jeremy is in bed with me the cat leaves us alone and won’t wake me up to feed him. But with Jeremy gone yesterday morning the little devil woke me up at 7:30 am and I was not happy, as I had wanted to sleep in on Saturday morning after not going to bed till midnight that night.

I told Jeremy about it of course, just to complain. Then this morning when he woke up to go golfing he fed the cat for me so he wouldn’t wake me up Β (this is a big deal if you can understand how much Jeremy hates this cat).


It’s little things like that which make me fall more in love with my husband every day. He isn’t one for big romantic gestures, but I never doubt his love and commitment to me because he is always showing me in small ways that he is thinking of me and that my happiness is important to him.

And to me, that means more than all the flowers in the world, because he does all these little things without making a big deal about it or trying, it’s just who he is. And I love him, exactly the way he is.


Me and my cat, Sir Lancelot. Or, as Jeremy likes to call him, The Devil Cat, aka Shit Head lol


7 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. That’s really sweet. We too have a “devil cat”. Bellatrix lives up to her namesake that’s for sure and she attacks my husband every time he comes home from the field. I can only imagine what she’s gonna do when he comes home from deployment. Last time he was gone for months, she got violent with him every time he was in uniform and it went on like that for a few months before he stopped wearing his uniform near the cat lol

  2. My husband hates my cat too. Lucky for him, Magic has agoraphobia (or, the closest thing possible that a cat can have!), so she lives with my parents. She can’t be moved outside the house, even to go to the vet. The poor thing hyperventilates, foams at the mouth, and then passes out if she even THINKS that she is going outside. Anyway, your husband sounds like a sweetie. My husband is the same way – he isn’t romantic, but he shows me constantly how much be loves me in his deeds and choices.

    • As a side thing, a friend is a relationship therapist and she finds that military men tend to be less “romantic” then civilian men (she hypothesizes due to training and he constant coming-and-going), but they tend to be more reliable and steady. I would pick reliable and steady over romantic any day of the week, and it sounds like you would too πŸ™‚

    • Is it bad that I totally laughed trying to picture your agoraphobic cat? lol. My cat hates to travel too, but thankfully he doesn’t foam at the mouth and pass out…just meows really loud and tries to escape πŸ™‚

      • My parents give her tranquilizers to take her to the vet, which is located 2mi from their house. It’s a HUGE production, and she usually is passed out by the time they get her from the front door to their car. The problem is that she doesn’t stay passed out, since she passes out from the hyperventilation. So, the cycle repeats itself until she arrives at her destination. I once drove her from NJ to Washington, DC (about 4hrs). I thought for sure that she would eventually relax, but she didn’t. I think that trip made me the worst cat mom EVER. πŸ™‚ And don’t feel bad about laughing – I laugh about it too! She’s a trip.

      • Yeah…I’m not looking forward to traveling with my cat from CA to WI when we move lol. The longest we did was an hour and he was pissed the whole time. Maybe I will have to invest in some tranquilizers.

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