Homecoming Honeymoon

I went with a friend to her homecoming yesterday so she could have the moment captured on video. It was beautiful. I cried. lol.


Homecomings are so romantic and emotional, and the months after you get to experience the honeymoon phase all over again.

My husband come home two months ago from his second tour; it was beautiful, I cried and we had a honeymoon phase. He did the dishes after dinner without being asked, we couldn’t keep our hands off eachother, etc.

But eventually life gets in the way and things go back to the way they were. He goes back to work, you go back to work, and regualr life starts up again.

So yesterday, after I left her homecoming, I came home to my husband watching golf and working on one of his many projects. We went to the gym. I cooked dinner. We watched the new Bones and I did the dishes.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a night like that. We both work and have busy lives, being ordinary and normal on a Tuesday night isn’t a bad thing.

But then I started thinking, why does the honeymoon phase have to end? It comes naturally after a deployment because you’ve spent so long apart and appreciate eachother when you finally get to be together again after months apart.

But it can also be a choice. The honeymoon phase doesn’t have to end after a few months if we each make the choice to appreciate and act loving towards our spouse.

To end, because I am a total sucker for homecomings, you should all check out these homecoming pictures of one of the pregnant wives at my friends homecoming who got her husband home. I cried…again. lol


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