Like being alone…

I know Jeremy is my other half because being with him is like being alone.

Now, let me explain that, because I could see how that could sound like a bad thing.

I love being alone, I think my own company is great. I don’t make myself uncomfortable nor do I don’t make myself angry. In fact, I make myself happy. I like myself and my own companionship.

And being with Jeremy is like being alone. I am as comfortable with him as I am with myself.

He is my other half. Living with him, loving him, being around him, it’s easy and effortless because it feels like an extension of myself.

In a lot of ways he is not like me, and I don’t mean to say that he is like my clone. I’m not big on co-dependent relationships. It’s more like a combination of different and similar qualities/attitudes/beliefs that still blend together harmoniously.

It’s so peaceful and fulfilling.


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