Looking Back and Looking Ahead (2012-2013)

Looking Back:

  • New Years 2012 – rang in the New Year at our apartment in Oceanside, CA with a kiss from my husband
  • January 2012 – started my second semester of graduate school at SDSU and moved down to San Diego when Jeremy got orders to MCAS Miramar
  • February 2012 – Celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary at Mt. Soledad, San Diego


  • March/April – school, school, school lol
  • May 2012 – finished my first year of graduate school and spent an amazing 2 weeks of pre-deployment vacation up with my family in SF


  • June 2012 – Said good-bye for to my husband for deployment #2.


  • Gained a sister-in-law


  • July 2012 – got laid off from my summer tutoring job and spent 6 weeks watching Netflix and being a bum lol
  • August 2012 – started my last year of graduate school
  • Sept/Oct/Nov – school, school, school lol
  • December 2012 – got my husband home from a 6 month deployment 🙂


  • Turned 24 years-old
  • About to start my 17 day vacation and take a road trip to WI with my husband to see my in-laws for Christmas and New Years!

Looking Ahead: (when I started writing this I thought I would have more to say, but then I realized that most of our plans for next years are in the military’s hands, and you never know what you are going to get with them lol. So I guess this is more of a prediction, or wish list ha)

  • New Years in WI
  • January 2013 – starting my last semester of graduate school
  • February 2013 – celebrating 4 years of marriage
  • March/April – working my butt off at school and internship
  • May 2013 – Finally, after 6 years of college, I will be done! Graduating with my Masters of Social Work 🙂
  • June – October – hopefully working an awesome job in my field that pays big $$$$
  • October/November/December – Jeremy maybe being at recruiting school and possibly moving to the midwest to spend the next 2 years on recruiting finishing up his contract with the Marine Corps.

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