The way it’s supposed to be

Jeremy has been home from deployment for a week now. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by! When he was gone the days would drag on, I was constantly thinking about how many days had passed and how many more were left.

Now, I don’t even notice the days passing. Because this is how my life is supposed to be. His alarm waking me up at 4 am when he hits the “sleep” button 3x a morning. Being able to text him about pointless things like picking up milk on the way home and having him reply in minutes instead of days. Coming home from work and having him be home waiting for me. Cooking dinner for two. Cuddling on the couch and catching up on Criminal Minds together. Yelling at the TV during football games. Falling asleep in his arms every night.

That is my life, the way it’s supposed to be.


Watching the Packer game together the first Sunday he was home πŸ™‚


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