Homecoming #2 Finally Arrived!!!

There were many times over the last 6 months where I thought Homecoming would never come. But as one of my favorite homecoming quotes goes, “although not fast, the days will pass”, and they did πŸ™‚

At around 10:30 pm on Thursday December 6th, I welcomed my husband home from his second deployment!

There were many date and time changes, which was incredibly frustrating. On Thursday at 10:00 am I finally got the phone call saying they were on the flight and would be there at 9:00 pm that night.

I was an emotional mess. I nearly burst into tears many times that day, just thinking about the fact that he was actually coming home to me in just a few short hours.

But I had to make it through two finals and four hours at work, so I needed to hold it together. It was the longest four hours of work EVER! lol

I headed to base right after I got off work and was one of the first families there…which was when they told me that the return time had been pushed back to 10 – 11 pm.

So I waited. My friend Heather came with me, and I had hired a photographer, so we all hang out and chatted for a few hours.

By the time we went outside to wait for the buses, I pretty emotionless. It was not a conscious effort, and maybe I do it to protect myself. Or maybe there were just so many delays and so much build up that I was just over it. Either way, I was happy he was coming home, but I wasn’t on the verge of tears like I had been for the week before he was supposed to come home.

So he got off the bus, and I ran to greet him with a smile on my face.

He was super grumpy because of the long flight and all the delays, but after we got his bags and headed home we fell right back into our normal husband/wife interactions πŸ™‚

It felt a little weird having somebody else in my house and sharing my space again, but falling asleep in his arms felt like heaven πŸ™‚ And waking up beside him felt like he had never left.


8 thoughts on “Homecoming #2 Finally Arrived!!!

  1. I have never had a chance to experience a homecoming such as you… In a way, I am sorry you had to HAVE a “homecoming roller coaster” but on the other hand, I am extremely ELATED that you had one! Please tell him he is one helluva an American…and thank you.

  2. Ahhh, I am so happy for you that your man is back safely! I teared up watching your video, as I will be in the same position next year awaiting my hubs to come home from deployment. Enjoy your time reconnecting!!

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