What Deployment Means to Me

I made this list while Jeremy was deployed last time (Nov 2010 – May 2011), adding things as they happened. Some are happy, some are sad, but that’s the way deployments go. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback and compliments on this list, I think almost all military spouses can relate to it, even if you didn’t go through the same experiences as me during deployment (moving by yourself, graduating college, etc.).  So enjoy, and let me know what you think.

  • Deployment means spreading out over the entire couch and wishing you had less space
  • It means making dinner and having left overs, because your not used to cooking for one
  • It means holding your phone in your hands during a movie so you don’t miss a call and jumping every time it vibrates
  • Deployment means forgetting to check the mail for the first week he is gone because that used to be his responsibility
  • It means tearing up whenever a patriotic song comes on the radio, because even though you hate being away from your other half, you couldn’t be more proud of him and what he is doing to serve his country
  • It means getting to watch all the chick flicks you want because you don’t have to share the TV
  • Deployment means having a smile on your face the entire day, just because you got a 15-minute phone call
  • It means getting excited to wake up every morning because you know you have an email waiting for you
  • Deployment means taking multiple trips to bring in your groceries
  • It means maintaining two vehicles; oil changes, registration, etc.
  • It means having to pay all the bills
  • Deployment means waking up in the middle of the night to skype and not caring that you’re losing sleep
  • It means trying to look as cute as you can for that middle of the night skype dates
  • It means doing things you have no experience in because he isn’t there to take care of its, like changing a tire by yourself and setting up a TV
  • Deployment means not only talking to your cat, but having a full-blown conversation with him
  • It means watching every football game so you can report back the highlights to him
  • It means taking pictures of everything you do so that he can still feel involved in your life
  • Deployment means crying over a letter from Afghanistan because you can’t believe how lucky you are to be married to such an amazing man
  • It means figuring out how to ship strange objects….like golf clubs
  • It means becoming obsessed with crafts because it keeps you busy on those lonely nights
  • Deployment means being grateful everyday that he is alive and that you somebody so wonderful to miss, because not everyone who says goodbye to their husband for a deployment gets to welcome them home
  • It means spending the holidays alone, but not being sad, because you know that you have the rest of your lives together to celebrate birthdays and anniversaires
  • It means girls night, is every night!
  • Deployment means having the post office lady recognize you because you mail out so many care packages
  • It means stressing about picking out the right apartment because you don’t want your husband to hate it when he gets home
  • It means trying to pick out an apartment when you’re 7,000+ miles away from each other and all you have is one email a day = nearly impossible!
  • Deployment means feeling happy/jealous when someone else gets their homecoming, because even though you are so happy for them that their husband is home, it hurts inside that it’s not you
  • It means packing and unpacking the entire house on your own
  • It means being so thankful that you have such amazing friend to help you move
  • Deployment means coming to a point when you realize that living alone feels normal and you’ve forgotten what it feels like to live with your husband
  • It means having to be the man around the house: hanging up pictures, assembling furniture, and fixing the broken washing machine
  • Deployment means forgetting the sound of his voice, the smell of his skin and the feel of his touch
  • It means that while everyone else knows exactly how many days are left till graduation, the only day you are counting down to is homecoming
  • Deployment means welcoming your husband home after 7 months, because no matter how many ups and downs you go through during deployment, there is always an end: Homecoming! And holding him again makes it all worth it


2 thoughts on “What Deployment Means to Me

  1. Love this! I am just now getting the feel for basic training so I guess in a newbie at all of this. But right before my fiance left, we found out we are having twins. Needless to say I’ve been very emotional and this is only his 3rd week gone.

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