Finding Love

Does finding the person to spend the rest of your life with have to be so complicated and hard?

I watched the 1930’s version of Imitation of Life tonight. The main character meets a man at a party and makes plans to see him again. On their second or third date she confesses that she loves him and he responds, “let’s get married as soon as we can”.

That’s it. Declaration of love = proposal.

Then after watching that movie I was flipping through the channels and He’s Just Not That Into You was on. Let’s talk about a movie with an opposite love story lol. How many crazy signs people make up, what they do on dates, when to call back, when not to call. All these modern games that people seem to play on their quest to find a life partner.

It reminded me of all the conversations I have with my single friends as they navigate the crazy world of dating. Everything is so complicated.

Is life really that much different than it was in the 1930’s?

I understand that society is different. But is love any different? And how much do the changes in society affect the basic search for love?

I wonder if people make things harder than they have to be.

If you like somebody, tell them. If somebody likes you, they should tell you.

Jeremy waited a whole hour to text me after we met. He called me that night and asked me out on another date. After we went on our first date I told him that I liked him and wanted to see him exclusively, he agreed. We were boyfriend and girlfriend from that moment on.

No games. No waiting 3 days to call. No dating other people. No wondering about if we were exclusive or not.

Was I just naive to lay my feelings on the line? Was it because we were so young that it was so simple to fall in love and start a relationship? Are people scared of getting hurt? Why is finding love so much more complicated now than it used to be?


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